(7) Cumulonimbus Cunnilingus
Based on Bosnia-Herzegovina 2010


Chased the Holy Grail
I probed your arid chute
And finally construed:
Only thunder turns you on
Resurrection not required
But your pussy has acquired
A quirk

Cumulonimbus veils the skies
Stockings torn, I lick your charms
Plain cunnilingus, my advance
The thunder stops, alas

The drought won't keep away
But with your vulva as a compass
We begin a storm chase
Weather sage, barometric snatch
Vaginal scholarship
Will never lead astray

Cumulonimbus, lightning arcs
Between lips must be a tongue
Pure cunnilingus, feeling sparks
You're gonna have a blast
You sexual outcast

Climax is near (How do they dare?)
(Without clothes and without shame) Feel no shame
(God, is she squirting from Skene's glands?)
(Like Niagara falls)
(She floods the floors and walls)

The quest didn't fail
We have found the Grail
At last you came

No, say it ain't true
We're in a crowded mall
Everybody saw