24 Ways to Kill Yami
(Yami's Winning Reprise)

Based on Croatia 2005 - Vukovi Umiru Sami




His Email has won it, holy fuck
You have all the talent, but no luck
If you want to destroy him, end your pain
There are ways, more than seven:

When he wants dessert give him salty meringue
Deploy a Viking Illuminat
Get Caren Maywood to poison him
Peroxide, make him shriek

Send him to the Discount Doctor’s surgery
Then chop him up and mix well with horse meat
Make him watch horrendous porn DVDs
Then you’ll get rid of that Yami
Feed him cholesterol under the big tree
Or tell him that someone banned ALC
Dump him in a Titograd bakery
24 ways to kill Yami

You call him a princess, he’ll just die
Or like Humpty Dumpty, make him smash
Send him to Ystad and stab his spleen
Fumble him while he pees

Tie him to bed where nobody hears him scream
The Dentist will welcome him, rest in peace
Make him hold on phone during Section C
24 ways to kill Yami

“Stole our votes... Stole our votes... Stole our votes... Stole our votes...
Stole our votes... Stole our vooootes... Stole our votes!”

Feed him with: “Miracle Gro, like he’s a weed”
Then call him a whore and ride him for free
Don’t spare from his genitals agony
Make him can-can while he’s starving

If pigeons and haikus fail, one more thing:
Feed him satanic salami.

“Stole our votes...”