NL Synchro Team

Based on The Netherlands 1986

Soon, we know, it will get wet and colder
But sure, we stand on edge, in single file
Pretend we like each other, smile
One by one, we dive like lambs to slaughter
Crotches are shaven, we look like sexless maids
Or scumbag-paedo-jury baits

So with acrylic headgear
We receive the all-clear
Then our heads disappear
Feet shoot uprear, like spears

Make no waves while double spinnin’
Water ballerinas
All the while we’re still not breathin’
How long can we linger?
Effortless aquatic dancin’
Maintaining perfect figure
Balanced toe to finger

A whale could not bear such hypoxic levels
But we’re the best, you bet we’ll never faint
Show feebleness or suffocate
Structured shapes will now impress the panel
Line formation, a circle, pentagram,
The Ethiopian coat of arms

Supporters screaming, they’re weird
While we’re drenching our ears
Why cause great atmosphere
If we can’t hear them cheer?

Add fuel to the competition
Sailboat, crane and scissors
Slightest fault means last position
Even worse is silver
Hope third juror pays attention
And checks her facebook later
Float, sway
One last act to grip her:


Grave mistake, our chances thinnin’
Heron was a failure
Turned wrong way, our nose-clips missin’
Throw us a lifesaver
Panicked, one girl started pissin’
A yellow trail betrays her
Oh, wait:
Russians caught as cheaters
Thais are lousy swimmers
Five drowned Filipinas
We could still be winners!