Based on Open Your Heart (Iceland 2003)

Since I was a little child
I’ve been predisposed to addictions
Thankfully, it seems quite mild
Gaming is my only affliction

First it was Pong
Tomb Raider and Sonic, too
There’s no escape
Once I start a game
The cycle starts anew

Found it today
With straightforward aims to reach
Four arrow keys
That’s all that I need
And surely I’ll soon have victory

Couldn’t get past sixty-four
How did all these tiles stack up so fast?
Well, if I play it just once more
I will show this game who’s the master

Played for two days
Without breaking once to pee
Soon, it’s not sums
But shibe or Lys
As versions proliferate

And soon, it’s warping my mind
My twin sons merged in front of me
Sliding into insanity

So done with that
Pain’s more than it’s worth
I have abstained
For ten minutes now
I guess one more try can’t hurt…

Played for a month
So close but still no cigar
Should go to work, get food for the kids
But first, I’ll move one tile right and-



…still dealing with countless mental scars