Sushi Waitresses

Based on O Julissi (Belgiun 2008)

Who is missing a sashimi?
Who is missing a nigiri?
Did you mislay some nori-maki?
Has someone seen a katsu?

See that misplaced plate of fugu?
It’s not listed on the menu
I may have called it ‘echidna’
Ah well, I guess they’re spikey too

“At table six they want to order”
“And table ten’s chasing tempura”
(“Chef’s not so fast”)
“Why are these rolls called ‘California’?”
(“They simply are!”)

“Don’t hassle me! Drink your green tea!”

Whose is this salmon sashimi?
Whose is this tuna nigiri?
That man with chicken teriyaki
I’m sure he ordered katsu!

‘Eighty-six’ the god-damned fugu
Eating fish like that can kill you
I’d rather feast on echidna
Just to be safe, let’s de-frost two!


“Excuse me, waitress may we order?”
(“Well, if you’re sure”)
“When can you bring me my tempura?”

(“…told you before”)
“Bigger the tips, faster we’re seein’ ya”


“Thank you kindly! Have more green tea!”

Who’s still missing a sashimi?
Who’s still missing a nigiri?
On table three there’s no wasabi
We’ll offer them the katsu

Oh what’s this? An office party!
They’ll want beers and edamame
When they get drunk and touchy-feely
A chop-stick strikes them on the knee

Oh just listen to them:-

Table six just asked for blinis!!
Could we fix them some Martinis?!
Eight tried to order ‘Fujimori’;
ex-Presidente of Peru

Heavens si’sters! What an ev’ning!
The last customers are leaving
It’s time to open up the saké
And polish off this katsu!