Monster Ballad

Based on Waar is de zon?, Netherlands 1994

Where’d you go, my darlin’?
Where is your webbed toe?
We’d go ‘round scarin’
Old ladies at the zoo.

How we loved growlin’
At kids at the fete.
I spend my days howlin’
Ever since you escaped.

Where is the horn
That grew from your forehead?
Where is my lover?
and where’s its fur gone?
Where is it said
That spikes should be shaven,
That love’s not worth saving,
And fangs should be hid?

The pain hasn’t faded
Were you guilty? Ashamed?
You ran from our village
And you rented a flat.
I fear you were taken
With their human world
And covered with makeup
That thing on your nose.

Love, where is your horn
Disguised by a barber?
Where is your armour?
And where have you flown?
Where is it writ
that third eyes be hidden,
that scales are forbidden,
and we should be split?

I won’t weep, I’ll save you
Undo what you’ve done
Now I’ve got to fly
And rescue you from harm
Break into your bedroom
A mirror in my claw
“Look closely, you monster!
Accept who you are!”

You take my claw
Say that’s all behind you,
Not to remind you
Of how you were born
….If you won’t change,
Then I’ll rip my wings out
And never let these horns sprout

Can you love me now?