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The Home Composed Song Contest is a competition originally organised under the banner of OGAE, the international fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was founded in 1991 by Morten Boldt Hansen from Denmark, and has grown since then to become an annual event attracting participants from all around Europe.
The aim is simple: to give ESC fans who also write their own songs the opportunity to take part in a Eurovision-style competition, using first cassettes, then CDs and now mp3s rather than a 3-hour TV show. The main criterion is equally simple: all participants must be amateurs!
This website was originally launched to celebrate the Millennium edition of the contest, and contains detailed information on the history of the event: reports on each year, including full voting tables and information on the composers and performers, as well as song lyrics, pictures and sound files.

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NOTE: If you are a previous Home Composed participant and you do not want your music, lyrics or photograph to be on this site,
please contact Martin Faulkner via the Home Composed Facebook group so that they can be removed.