12. GERMANY 3: Jan Wehner -“Autumn Blues”

“Autumn Blues”

Performed by: Jan Wehner
Music by: Jan Wehner
Lyrics by: Jan Wehner

Jan is 25 years old and about to obtain a B.A. degree in History (with Portuguese philology as additional subject) at the Johannes Gutenberg university of Mainz. He is also a volunteer at that city’s municipal history museum as cashier and photographer. Jan describes his song like this:

“The song is a dramatic telling about how the nature develops at the end of the year when the temperatures decrease, the flowers wilt and everything seems like going to get wiped out by the cold seasons of autumn and winter. The final part of the song describes the resurrection of life and spreads the message that every hopeless situation may be followed by an upswing and that even the worst disasters are mostly finite.”

Jan has participated many times in the contest, first time in 2013. Welcome back and good luck!

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Leaves fall down and commence to shrivel
The street terminates its smile and starts to snivel
The branches and trunks of the trees
are in mourning in the breeze

And have the blues
They have the blues
They’ve got the blues
The autumn blues

The grim reaper enters the street
The life is staring at defeat
Cats are romping around
Soon they will never be found

Dinner is saved, it’s time to devour
Every animal, tree and flower
The grim reaper doesn’t bargain
He has come to plunder, not to frain

The life builds up its resistance
to demonstrate persistence
To fight the death
Until the last breath

The winter storm is raging
The elements are waging
on the bereaved on the ground
uttering a terrifying sound

Shattering every organism
in the fury of sadism
is the grim reaper carrying out his sentence

The street is devastated
The trees are eradicated
The flowers have faded
As the grim reaper raided

But the tables are turning
The life keeps its fire burning
A tree starts to blossom
Alongside the flowers at its bottom

The organisms around it follow
And beat the grim reaper hollow
His mission has failed
As the spring prevailed