8. SWEDEN: Martin Kahnberg & Eva-Karin Håkansson -“Yr afon (The River)”

“Yr afon” (The River)

Performed by: Martin Kahnberg & Eva-Karin Håkansson
Music by: Martin Kahnberg
Lyrics by: Martin Kahnberg

Martin is a former computer programmer and former church musician now studying linguistics and writing stuff in his spare time.

“Eva-Karin works in a food shop, but loves singing and happily joins my weird stuff,” says Martin.

The inspiration for the song are some Welsh villagers, who managed to get the whole village to remove all plastics from a river all the way from its source down to their village. “That effort could serve as inspiration for us all.”

He first wrote a Swedish version, but realised that he might be able to write a Welsh version as well. With some help from Welsh speaking friends this Welsh version was completed two months after the initial Swedish version.

“After recording both versions I realised that I really like the Welsh version better than the original Swedish version. In a way it also feels better to sing the Welsh version as the source of inspiration was that little Welsh village.”

Martin has competed many times in the Home Composed Song Contest, entering for the first time in 2005. Martin and Eva-Karin also competed as a duo last year. Welcome back and good luck!

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Dw i’n eistedd yma
ac dw i’n gwylio’r dŵr.
Fel plentyn ro’n i’n nofio ‘ma,
ond mae llawer o blastig yn llenwi y dŵr.

Yn nyddiau fy nhaid
tarddiad bywyd oedd dŵr yr afon.
Roedd y dŵr i’w yfed ac yn llawn pysgod
ond rŵan mae llawer o blastig yn y dŵr.

Does dim byd y medra’i wneud
i atal hyn rhag digwydd?
Does dim byd y medra’i wneud
i arbed ein planed?

Medra i ond dechrau hefo mi fy hun
a cheisio wneud llai o’r pethau drwg dw i’n wneud,
ceisio ailgylchu a chodi sbwriel
ac dw i’n ceisio helpu pawb.

Dw i’n synnu os bydd ein plant
yn gwylio’r dŵr ‘ma,
ac dw i isio i ddŵr yr afon medru
bod yn lân ac yn iach – eto!


Here I sit
and look across the water.
I used to swim here as a child,
but there’s a lot of plastics filling the water.

In the days of my forefathers
the water of the river was the source of life.
The water was drinkable and full of fish,
but nowadays the water of the river is filled with plastic.

Is there nothing I could do to stop what’s happening?
Is there nothing I could do to save our planet?

The only thing I can do is to start with myself
and try to do less of the bad things that I do,
recycle, pick up litter and take care of what I can,
and give everyone a helping hand.

I wonder if our children
will have a chance to see this water.
And I deeply wish that the water of the river
could be pure and fresh – again!