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Flag logo by Stefan Engel showing the winning countries in reverse chronological order

Welcome to the Wiki archive for the Home Composed Song Contest!

What's that?
It's a competition for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest who also write their own songs in a non-professional capacity - you can read more about it here.

And what's this?
This Wiki database is the archive for results and other information about the Home Composed Song Contest (HCSC).

It contains all of the results for every edition of the competition in an easily navigable format, as well as statistics, sound files, photographs and other interesting background information.

What's new?
This Wiki was launched in late 2018 as a replacement for the previous HCSC archive website. It remains a work in progress but is now largely complete - so take a look around, and enjoy!

What's missing?
A very small number of entrants have exercised their right to have their personal information and/or songs removed from the public archive, which is why some names are abbreviated and some entries do not have accompanying pages and sound files.

Some of the information is incomplete (e.g. songwriter credits, lyrics, English translations of non-English lyrics), so if you see any missing information that you can complete for us, please get in touch!

It should also be noted that 2003 was the first year in which the songs were circulated on CD; the sound files from 1991 to 2002 are ripped from cassette (and, in some cases, cassettes that were several generations down the "copying chain"), so the sound quality isn't always great. But anything is better than nothing!

What now?
You can navigate the Wiki in various ways, including the navigation bar at the bottom of every page (click "Expand" if it's collapsed) and the search box in the top right-hand corner.

If you want to contact the administrators of the archive for any reason, please leave a message in the HCSC Facebook group - where you can also chat with other participants and fans of the competition!

You can also follow HCSC on Twitter.

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