18. SWEDEN 4: Ben Robertson – Happy Ending

“Happy Ending”
Performed by: Ben Robertson
Music by: Ben Robertson
Lyrics by: Ben Robertson

In their own words:

This is my 3rd entry into the Home Composed Song Contest.

Songwriting is one of my hobbies. It is something I do when the world troubles me, something I need to do when I struggle to work out what is going on in life. The act of writing a song is my way of sorting those illogical thoughts into something rational through the creation of its lyrics. Writing even about the toughest of heartbreak brings closure to those events, and in doing so creates the “happy ending” that this song refers to.

But I’ve had a problem. Life has been that wee bit too busy, and devoid of true feelings of heartbreak and despair, for me to sit and write. The piano has gathered dust in the corner of the living room, and at some point this summer I realised I needed my time at one with that beautiful machine. Not to sort out problems per se, but to have that connection with my instrument and to create art with it. Yes, writing songs on my piano might be my healing process in times of need, but it also is where I create my art.

When eventually finding this topic to write about, some of the inspiration came from one of my favourite songs, Melissa Horn’s “Jag saknar dig mindre och mindre”. In this song the lead character sings about how she tells herself that while she misses her partner less and less over time, she also feels a huge void left by the missing relationship, eventually calling out to said partner in the song’s conclusion.

“Men jag behöver dig kom hit och rör om,

Jag behöver nåt att skriva om”

(But I need you, come here and shake things up

I just need something to write about)

In my case, the void of content for me to write a song about equally drained my lust for life. There are few other things I have found in life that make me feel more alive than producing my art, and I’m so happy to have written this song this summer.

This song was recorded during September in Stockholm at the studio of Max Linder. I was blessed that his recording studio had a real piano to record on. We recorded the song a few times and took the best take for you all to enjoy. We edited the mix to alter the gain of certain frequencies, reverb and so on, but other than that all you hear is 3 and a half minutes of me and my piano.

Good luck to all the competitors.

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It’s been a little while, since I was in this chair
It’s been a little while, for me to need repair
For I only came here when troubled
I only came here in need
I’m only here when the world’s too much, making this my sanctuary


Whenever I’m lost you make me found
Whenever I hurt you ease the pain
Whenever I need to right the wrongs
We write a happy ending


Somehow the therapy makes harmony
Somehow new melodies let me feel free
Lifting whatever clouds over me
To find a happy ending


Yes listener I know you’re wondering why I am here
What is it that made me come return to this chair
Well I’m sorry, there’s nothing here to speculate on
It’s the absence of a feeling that been plaguing my privilege now life’s going easy
Maybe too little time, yet otherwise fine
Though things are good in this sweet spot of life
There’s no sour, and no bitter, is that alive? Yeah!


Whenever I’m lost you make me found
Whenever I hurt you ease the pain
Whenever I need to right the wrongs
We write a happy ending


If the life doesn’t move or shake you, is it a life?
If I stay in this world of beige I’ve nothing to write!
Maybe I’m older and wiser, maybe emotions they don’t hit the same
But maybe the next time I come here, won’t bring the darkness, I’ll find a rainbow, share its tale.


Whenever I was lost you made me found
Whenever I hurted you eased the pain
Whenever I needed to right life’s wrongs
We wrote a happy ending!


Let me write these words down in gold
I will remember through ‘til I’m old
And maybe future stories told…
…will share this happy ending.