15) My Nightmare Is You

Original Title: Image Of You

Albania 2004

How strange you are, you can't be well
A bunch of braincells must be missing
The other day right on the board
You got involved in defamation

Day after day, I go to the MB
Reading the threads, writing a few
Then you appear, like out of nowhere
You're really mean, you're silly too

One word, one line, enough!
You do not own the world
Who do you think you are?
You're flooding the page, you're in my face!

You make me feel, a little haunted
Your name appears, just everywhere
You make my life a bloody nightmare
You make me sick, my nightmare is you

Choir: You make me feel
Soloist: A little haunted
Choir: Your name appears
Soloist: Just everywhere
Choir: You make me sick
Soloist: My nightmare is you

Although, it's not a dream
I fear, I'll leave this site