16) The Image Of Blue

Original Title: Image Of You

Albania 2004

How strange the feeling in your pole
When age invades your very being
Another pill or so I'm told
And sex takes on another meaning.

Day after day, I go through the motions,
Stumbling my way, wife is a blur
Slave of my lust, of my erections
Coz I'm so old, it's limp, yessir!

One pill, one motion, it's time!
It's up, the moment, is mine.
I close my eyes, I breathe
I'm king of the world of make believe!!

It makes me feel, oh so amazing,
It make me see, my wood is true
It makes my days and nights so sweaty,
It makes me feel the image of youth.

It makes me feel, that I'm just twenty
It makes me wild, I'm back at my peak,
It make me see, that just one tablet
Gives me a tent, that lasts for a week!

I know it's just a dream
I feel, I love, this lie

I know, that when it's over
Viagra is now my life