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Song 16

Based on: Diwanit Bugale (Fra 96)

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The Tasty Moussaka


The tasty 
Our version 
Of this recipe

It came from Delia  
The list of 

Tomatoes, potatoes 
Rosemary, Retsina wine 
And an eggplant, mango chutney 
Chopped onion 

We want it 
All sliced up 
The chutney will serve 
As a sauce-base 
And on it 
A cup of the wine

Then add half a spoon 
Of curry paste 
Oriental taste, 
gives it a refreshing twist

Put all of 
The stuff in a dish 
Grated gouda on top 
Just one thing 
The final touch: 
Take olive oil and drizzle...

The oven: Pre-heated 
Is the temperature threefourty °F? 
Then let cook 
For a half hour 
You want it 

(Instrumental intermezzo: 
Cue shot of Smeg-oven as the tasty moussaka gets cooked

We've waited 
It's ready 
The gouda on top 
Has melted

You may want 
To let it cool a bit 
Then slice it up and 
Serve to your friends

Nine hundred seventy one..