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Song 15

Based on: Moja Stikla (Cro 06)

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I'm No Stickler


Let’s go crazy, let’s go mad
Do whatever, I am not a stickler

Glue a transfer to your granny’s chair
Dump your pants or throw them in the air
Leave your Blu-tack underneath the sink
Paint the room a lurid shade of pink

Play, play with a tub of goo
Jump, screech, party in the toilet

(Refuse to have dinner, start to worship all the sinners!)

Let’s throw all our heads away
Do just as you like ‘cos I’m no stickler

Haynanai etc.

I’m no…I’m no stickler

Sing it! … Scream it! … Screech it! … Shriek it! …
(Fr…fr…freak it)

Invite your ex

Tell your aunt you want her in your bed
Eighty stink-bombs you’ll cover in lead
Throw your best mate out into the street
And eat your next-door neighbour’s parakeet

Tang-, tang-, tango with the cat
Yell, whoop, buy a pair of boxers

(Throw all your money in the bin outside your home and…)

Lose your mind, remove your brain
Do whatever, I am not a stickler

Haynanai etc.

I’m no…I’m no stickler

(Cake your hi-fi in wet mud and put the doormat on the ceiling,
Glorify your plastic ruler, instigate and hippy feeling)

Antarctica a**e-licker

I’m a…I’m a…free and easy
Gall, I’m not – no, I’m not sleazy
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
I’m no stickler

Alright, then!

Common sense goes down the drain
Let’s strip naked, eat some pencil-sharpeners

Haynanai etc.

I’m no…I’m no stickler