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Semi 2

Song 4

Based on: I Can't Live Without Music (Ger 02)

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We Can't Live Without Neighbours


Not a long time ago 
't Was the biggest travesty of all time 
And the answer was, so simple and fine 
Yes we got out each other's lives 
The family was too tight 
And we used to argue, bicker and fight 
Those are issues of the past 
Because we're scoring really fast 
What a blast! 
I can't live without neighbours 
Only they keep the points coming in 
I can't live without neighbours 
Who's to say that I might even win 
It's because of them that all my entries pass the test 
Even though they really aren't the best 
We can't live without neighbours 
We can't live without neighbours 
It won't matter what you tell 
We will remember well 
As long as you give us the votes 
We can't live without neighbours 
And apart we're together 
And just who of us, yes who of us is getting the douze? 
(We can't live without neighbours) 
Yes these twelve points from me are for you 
To all the countries of the world 
Who feel their luck has overturned 
They only need to find a way to split themselves up 
And as a team they'll join the game 
Someone for the Belgians to blame 
We won't live...without neighbours 
(We can't live without neighbours, we can't live without neighbours) 
I can't live without neighbours, I can't live without neighbours 
They are everyman and everything for getting ahead. 
Neighbours make you keep on trying, help along in qualifying 
It's without a neighbour that you'll whine