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Semi 2

Song 26

Based on: No Goodbyes (Net 00)

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You’re not sure if Europe’s gonna like you?
Is this the way to work it out?
Why try something that is never done before?
We’d better not leave Chernobyl with a pout

Bilbao, Belgrade, NYC
Lisbon, Utrecht, Helsinki
Barcelona, Baltimore
And Frankfurt… Promotour

I don’t understand why they keep showing
Those Eurostars by plane, by bus, by boats
They have all been travelling around the continent
Wasting all their cash in hope of some votes

Athens, Munich, Wisconsin
Stockholm, Brussels, Vilnius
London, Oslo, Valetta
Tel Aviv… Promotour

Oh don’t tell anyone you know it will not work
Just say nothing at all
Even though you sure know they’ll be low
Promotion tour, oh yeah

Promotion tour, promotour
Don’t tell anyone you know it will not work, my baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yes

And Prenton… Promotour!