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Semi 2

Song 27

Based on: Mr Nobody (Slo 06)

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I, I ran onto the set
Broke out in a cold sweat
Prepared to sing my heart out  

But then it all went wrong
I couldn’t sing the song
Or even get a fart out
So quickly, so swiftly, I lost it all  

Was it only an illusion?
Or a case of self-delusion?
Waaaah…... poor me, am I just a has-been?
'Cause when I look at me
I'm Mr. ESC

But most of Europe sneered
Should I have shaved my beard?

You may say that I’m insane
But I will try again
I’m desperate to be famous
And sadly, I’m madly in love with me  

Next year I’ll win for Slovenia
Won’t get beaten by Armenia
Waaaah... just you wait until Helsinki
I’ll make a brand new me
With plastic surgery

A lift, a tuck, a nip
A plumper upper lip

Next year you’ll be a believer
Cheering for a stunning diva
Waaaah... wearing jewels, feathers, sequins
And when you look at me
You’ll see Ms. ESC

If that Israeli guy
Could do it, so can I