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Semi 2

Song 28

Based on: Eveything (Gre 06)

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Granny On Speed


I can feel my bones suff’ring
As I skate on my board
I can make my moves
And my tricks down in th’streets
People look in my eyes
And I know
They think I’m young but…

Doctor please don’t tell
Doctor please one more
Face lifting I need
I just can’t look old
Doctor, doctor
I must look young

Doctor please don’t tell
Botoxing I need
Desperate I am
I just can’t look old

Doctor I am young
Doctor I need more
Doctor I am hip
But doctor don’t tell them!

Don’t blame this on a mid-life
Crisis is me so unkown
You might know
They worship me… But

Doctor I need you
Doctor boobjob me
Fifty just can’t do
I look seventeen but

Doctor be descrete
As no one can know
No, no one will see
The old hag that is me

Madonna just looks so much older
Trendier than Paris Hilton
Britney Spears just means
Nothing compared to
this Diva, who looks naturally, seventeen, seventeen

Seventeen I am
Seventeen I’ll be
Seventeen with boobs
Seventeen and rich

Seventeen and loved
Seventeen and hot
Seventeen and young
Seventeen and god

I’m so loved by…

Everything that lives!