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9) Welcome to IKEA

Based on: Sweden 01 Listen To Your Heartbeat


I am in need of a bigger bed
Where do I go? Where can I purchase that?
I am totally lost – Oh tell me where I need to turn to

What do I see? In yellow and blue
Affordable – And loads of families
With no idea where to go – Think this is where I need to turn to

There’s enough stores to be found
Live your life and love your home, isn’t that just the most
Perfect slogan you heard?

Welcome to IKEA, when you need a bookcase
Maybe a new kitchen, a wardrobe or shoelace
Come into IKEA, just come round for sighting
You can take your children while you look for lighting

How do I choose between white and green?
Cherry or pine? It just seems to me
Like so much to choose from, and I just don’t know who to turn to

Just picked a bed, on the kart
It was in six diff’rent parts
I still don’t know how, but I’ll fix it somehow

Welcome to IKEA, if you need a hatrack
Maybe a new sofa, a mirror or bath mat
Come into IKEA, where all stuff has weird names
While you pick a cushion, your kid can play fun games

Manual just makes me weep
Nothing works - I guess that means no sleep

Welcome to IKEA, to replace your cookware
Browse for dinner tables, buy a rug or a chair
Come into IKEA, decorate the terrace
Have a Swedish dinner while you buy a mattress

Welcome to IKEA!


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