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12) Grandmother Is Alive

Based on: Switzerland 07 Vampires Are Alive


Grandmother is alive
Although she's past ninety-five
We shot her with a gun
The bullet nearly missed her lung

Grandmother, you will die!

"I am a grandmother, I'm in pain
The pain is arthritis, hence my cane
You're a bad son, tried to kill me -- for my will!"
(For my will)

"You'll just have to face it's not my time
'Cause killing a grandma is a crime
You tried poison, you tried hanging
And a strangle hold"

Grandmother is alive
She dodged the big butcher knife
We had her on the run
But she is just too fucking strong

Grandmother's still alive
(Her will to live is way too strong)
Grandmother--grandmother's still alive
(Her life has gone on way too long)

[Wheelchair Chase scene]

"I'll put up a fight for a thousand years
Cut your hair, and trim your beard
Listen up now, heed your grandma, sonny boy"
(Sonny boy)

"I've written my will, and cut you out,
I'll never surrender, have no doubt
Foolish children, this old fire, burns eternally."
Grandmother is alive
Survived the ten-floor swan dive
We thought it would be fun
But she says 'Life has just begun'

Grandmother's still alive
(And she'll outlive her own grandson)
Grandmother--grandmother's still alive
(But now it's she who has a gun!)

(Grandmother) is alive
Grandmother is alive!



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