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13) To My Father

Based on: Norway 95 Nocturne


I want to say
the things I never
got the chance to tell you in time
in life

rainy day
I was at my desk
when there was a ring on my phone

in my sisters voice
I could hear there was bad news
And she told me that you were gone,
no more

I just froze there
I just broke there
I just said "I'm on my way"
as I hung up
I just screamed out
all the pain I felt inside
of me

we had our fights
we said our words
but we never made up in peace

we just went on and on
acting like nothing's wrong
that is why I still feel now that there's
things I need to say:

"Dad I love you
dad I miss you
dad I think of you each day
thank you so much
for helping me
to become the man that I'm

here in my heart
I'll always carry
a small part of the one you were."


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