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Semi 4

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14) (Me) The One That They Love

Based on: Malta 98 The One That I Love


Such a lovely girl, when I come across the screen
And I know, they all love me, cause they vote for me so much
I never felt so sure, as today
I will turn them on more and more

I am their obvious choice, for next year in Serbia
To go and make them proud, to rank in the top three
It must be me
Now that Olivia went, as well as Fabrizio
For me, yes it’s just the time
To try it once more

Such a lovely sight, when I fill the stage so bright
And the music, starts to play, and the crowd begins to cheer
I always feel that way, when on stage
They love my performance, give me votes

I’m sure they all want me, for next year in Serbia
Came third in Birmingham , and second in Ukraine
Next time it’s first
And WOW what a welcome, awaits me at the airport
For them, yes, I’m just the one
The one that they love

For them, yes, I am the one
Who can bring it home!

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