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Semi 4

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15) Ode To Alexander

Based on: Ireland 07 They Can't Stop The Spring


His entries get our praise
N’ yet his songs get canned
We mocked his girl from ‘Stonia
He took it like a man

A word, a rhyme, a phrase
This Dutchman’s never phased
And from pseudotragic pinnacles
He’s destined to amaze

He don’t need no pity
Just a voting hand
A messageboard desire
Seeing him advance

So look past the missed word
The lacking of a zing
This guy’s really funny
And he’ll analyze your dream
Don’t be Simon Cowell
Who tramples every written scheme
Now let’s not stop his win

If you’re crude or cultured
If the flatlands are your thing
If you’re fat with money
If you’re poor or tall or thin
If you take long showers
Or living in a filthy bin
Hey let’s not stop his win

So don’t say you weren’t warned
Don’t blame me for his trip
If he fails I worry
He’ll be jumping off a cliff
Crumble like a flower
Dating every female thing
So let’s not stop his win
Let’s not stop his win


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