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Semi 4

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Semi 4 Mp3s: unbase or sendspace zip, or esnips


16) Steve

Based on: Norway 04 High


Others ask dogs for help
To find out their favourite fruit
But I don’t have a single pet
All alone, save a tie and suit
When I’ve got problems that make me sweat
I turn and it’s there and it’s cute

Steve – you are my plant
You give me comfort when I’ve had a rant
You’ll never leave, leave me alone
You’re green, oh, Steve!

Hibiscus and jukka-palms
They somehow just don’t do the trick
Or ivy leaves around my arms
Are like green men that changes nick
No, there’s just one plant, and it’s not in farms
It helps me, when I’m feeling sick


Ah, all you demand is a drop to drink
Or once the occasional swim-in-sink
Others could learn some from you
Who rhymes with stew??

Steve (Steve) – you are my plant (you are my plant)
You give me comfort when I’ve had a rant (I’ve had a rant)
You’ll never leave (leave), leave me alone (leave me alone)
You’re green, oh, Steve! (You’re so green, oh, Steve)
You’re green, oh, Steve!

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