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The Shining

Based on Netherlands 1979 - Colorado

Oh oh Colorado, Dad’s going mad in Colorado
And - oh no! - here comes the snow: Overlook Hotel, Colorado
Oh Mum and Danny, watch how you go

Winter spent in empty resort
Isolated, perfect for writing
But Dad’s plans will soon go all to hell

Hotel has a past to report
Danny has a gift called “the shining”
Seeing things that make him unwell

Oh oh Colorado, rivers of blood in Colorado
And oh oh nowhere to go
Now that they’re trapped by two feet of snow
Oh Dad’s seen ghosts and now he’s psycho

Danny’s gift brings visions again
Murdered twins:  “come play” they implore him
Two-three-seven, never go in there

Dad’s hallucinating and then
With a heavy axe wants to gore him.
In the bathroom, Mum’s going spare

Oh oh Colorado, Dad’s on the rampage, nowhere to go
But oh oh Danny might know
How to escape before the first blow
So off you go lad, through the window

Oh oh now that we know redrum’s reversed in Colorado
Oh oh oh go Danny go
Into the maze and don’t be too slow
Oh, watch your footprints or he‘ll follow

Oh just leave Dad to die in the snow


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