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State After State

Based on Azerbaijan 2008 - Day After Day

(Late 2007, a dimly-lit room in the USA)
Hillary:  The people pray:
             "Save us from George Bush
             Oh, Hill, save us"
Bill:       Victory is yours and mine
             In Two Thousand and Eight
             There's no way we cannot win
             The voters will obey
Hillary:  Whoah…young females work for us
             But you must keep yourself under control
Bill:        No sex scandals is my goal
             'Til after all the polls
Both:    Whoah
            They'll vote for our way
            State after state
            The voters won't forget
            That Clintons are the best
Hillary:  Young Obama's in the game
             He won't reach his goal:
             I'll be sweeping him aside
             By the month of March
Bill:       Horny dreams of booby lust
            But for the moment, I must keep control
Hillary:  In my pantsuits and my pearls
            The nation is mine, miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine
Bill:       I'll play cigar games
            And more skirts will be stained
            (Evil laugh)
Hillary:  Just restrain yourself
            We must conquer
            State after state
            State after state
Bill:      Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
           (Bill explodes. Trying to control his lust was just too tough)
Both:   State after state
           The voters won't forget
           We'll batter John Edwards
           We'll batter young Barack
           We'll batter John McCain
           Then back to the White House…………



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