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Kenny G

Based on Slovenia 2001 - Energy

Kenny G
Oh, what you do to me
Your gentle lips are blowing
Life inside of me
Even bought your Classic Jazz CD
And yes I never will forget your sensitive waves

Kenny G
G Force and Gravity
Eclectic solo efforts
In the key of E.
Your duets--popular YouTube clips
But above all, “Kenny Blows” is now a cliché!

For every album, I’m the first in line
With just one note
Your E.P.s soothe me, soothe me
And every second since June ‘83
I cannot break free
From this smooth pseudo-blues symphony

Kenny G
I feel you move in me
Your rhythmic sax is pumping
Through my melody
Your smooth jazz, launches a thousand ships
But I notice with regret, they’re sailing away!

Ohhhhhhh, Kenny G!!
I feel such Kenergy
Electric keyboard backings
And a drum machine, ohhhohho
Don’t deprive me of my fantasy, ohh…
If after all, I find that we are out of key…
Kenny G!


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