(9) Give Literal Love Back To The World

Based on: UK 1990 - Give A Little Love Back To The World (live)


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A hairy girl stands left of centre
In a red dress, it seems she's singing on her own
The camera shot zooms close in on her
In a surprise dissolve her backing group is shown

Chorus one, and everyone joins in
All swaying in classic V-formation
Close up - smile - the mic close to her chin
Cut back to group - they slowly stop swaying
Chorus one brought safely to an end
She walks across, joins a blonde backer
Who then shuts up as she walks straight back to her spot
The hairy girl grins at the camera
Clenches her fist, and cranks the volume up a notch

Chorus two: they hop from foot to foot
The cam'raman wanders round behind them
The blonde backing singer starts to hoot
A note the cameraman needs to fly from

The hairy girl breaks off a while
Chats up one of the backing guys

One more long shot of all of the team
Three girls in blue, and two guys in yellow
The blonde backing singer starts to scream
Not her song - someone needs to tell her
In shot, one shoulder of one of the fellas

Hairy girl slows down, sings the last line
All repeat - but fail to harmonise





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