(16) Mew

Based on: Sweden 2009 - La voix



I am not a pervert
I am not a big flirt
I just like to mew

I'm a decent fellow
Though I like it yellow
and your old gym shoe


but I was once a boy

I went to bible camp at seventeen
I spoke in tongues when I saw Mister Bean
Shaved my head for God
killed homos in Riyadh
my change came when I met Mabel-Doreen

She was not a pervert
but she was a big flirt
and she loved my mew

She read Paulo Coelho
Skin was brownish-yellow
Smelled like danish blue


and I'm her favourite toy

She went to hell when she was seventeen
She had a fling with the whole Swiss marine
And they trained her well
all chained up in a cell
and now she's only mine.......... oh miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine hahahahahaha...

But she was a flirt
she ran away with Kurt
She broke my heart, but I've got something left
cause I can mew, I can meeeeeeeeeeeew






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