(17) Narcissism

Based on: Russia 2008 - Believe



Looking in the mirror what do I see?
A very handsome boy staring back at me
Hey he winks, he seems to like me
Well, he's no exception
I'm looking way to good
To remain unknown
I want to be on posters on bedroom walls
Not only on mine but throughout the world
And my dodgy manager
Says what I've been thinking all along
I'm a star!

So twirl, Pluchenko bitch, keep twirling
That is why we're paying
Help me be the star that I know I can be
And now for some extra juicy dirt
I rip open my shirt
Don't try to ignore me now, I beg you please
I'm even on my knees

Who cares this song is just a hand-me-down
It's by Timbaland, this will sure get me crowned
Though he doesn't want the world to know, Jim Beanz oh!
And no matter what they say
I will get those douze points anyway
I'll prevail!

Cause I am funky and I'm groovy
Next stop: porno movie
If it worked for Paris it will work for me
Oh I am groovy and I'm funky
And hung like a donkey
Getting naked on camera is the key
I'm on my knees

Please paparazzi
Take a shot of me
I'm promiscuous, front page material
You see, I'll do anything and more

Adore me, everybody, love me
I’m not narcissistic just happy with me
Adore me, everybody, love me
There is just one thing that's able to stop me
Oh English me no speak.






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