(16) History's Wackiest Villains

Based on: Greece 1978 - Charlie Chaplin



Practised medicine in the north of England
Specialised in ladies of great age
If they were in pain or they were suffering
Always knew the way to make it change

He was always quick to write prescriptions
Good strong analgesia was applied
So imagine his baffled confusion
When his patients suddenly died

Harold Shipman
Lovable old man with glasses and white beard
Harold Shipman
Was three times crowned the clowning doctor of the year
Harold Shipman
Always left them laughing as he signed them off
Harold Shipman
A lovely, chubby, cuddly, Hippocratic oaf

Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman

Klara and Alois in Austria
Had the most delightful little boy
And the future paterfamilias
Of the German nation brought them joy

Stumbling around in his pyjamas
Staring at the blond-haired little scruffs
Loving their blue eyes, those little charmers
Boy, he just could not get enough!

Adolf Hitler
Never could resist a boy in uniform
Adolf Hitler
The undisputed ruler of the Reeperbahn
Adolf Hitler
If he ever asked you "Baby, what's your sign?"
Adolf Hitler
Just any Arian would be completely fine

Adolf Hitler
Harold Shipman
Wacky villains!





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