(15) Susan Boyle

Based on: Malta 1994 - More Than Love



Put my best frock on
Hope they like me
Going to sing my song
On that show on ITV

To sing was my aim
Didn't think 'bout the fame
Thinking Simon will say
Next round, there's no way

Susan Boyle
Les Miserables
Please Mr Cowell
Pluck me from obscurity

Wishing on a star
I dreamed a dream
Some stare at me and laugh
But not all was as it seemed

I was chuffed to bits
Two million YouTube hits
Hearing Simon say
Your through, on your way

Susan Boyle
That's just one side of me
Hairy angel
beat Stavros Flatley

Susan Boyle
(Please Piers buzz me now)
Too much publicity
(You gotta vote me, you gotta vote me)
Over exposed
Beaten by Diversity
(Oh no!)

Susan Boyle
(Please, Holden)
What is this travesty?
(You gotta help me, you gotta help me)
Now I hate the show
Check in the Priory

This life is not my own
Got a huge tour to do
Thats what TV does
Slowly destroys you






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