(7) Never Ever Trust
Your Best Mate

To Provide Correct Translations of Chat Up Lines
When You Have Both Fallen For
The Same Mysterious Woman

Based on: Ukraine 2008 - Shady Lady



It’s not on linguaphone
But that's no cause to moan
You see my good chum, Gino
Said he’d help me to choose
Every word for my muse
Asked for nothing but vino

He’s one cunning linguist
And now he’s getting well pissed
With a longing for laying
The one belle I fancy
Got some lingo for me
Didn’t know I was saying…

“Your breath, my dear – it really makes my eyes sting”
Are not good ever make her heart ring
“Drop your skirt dear” – not gonna charm my sweet thing
My head is fuming

“Both your armpits – they gotta stink all summer”
Such bad chat-up...will never win your lover
“And your hairdo – it’s really such a bummer”
My head is seething now

“My svelte Asturian reeks of ripe durian: Should be kept under cover”

Then upon me one slap
You can guess that this chap
He was never her lover

“Cause you smoked one more cig: it’s so long to your wig!”
“Lady, I’ll call you baldy”

“Did you know that – five squirrels live in my pants”
Would not impress. I gotta lost my last chance
“Your breasts, darling – you should’ve got them enhanced”
My head is raging now

(“Slap head lady”)

(“Small tit lady”)

“I wanna rip you up and eat your gall stone”
“You are a bawdy tramp that I've never known”
“I wanna feel you up and make you to moan”
“You are the worst porn star the world’s ever known”

(“Your breath, my dear…”)

(“Both your armpits…”)

Never ever, I'm gonna trust my best mate
He won’t give you...right words to help you woo great
When he wants really lewd with your date
I want to kill him now!!!






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