(8) Trip

Based on: Slovakia 2009 - Let' tmou



Sitting down here, wall staring back
Creatures creeping, beside myself
Acid racing, strangers facing
That damn light is much too bright now!

I can hear the blue, many faces drip by
There's Mickey, then Pluto, make them goooOOOOOO!

Calm down, my dear, look at me now
What have you done? Shh, it's all right
Be OK soon (gah it's Miley!); Just be quiet (now it's Zenu!)
Look straight at me (visions racing!); Let's get some sleep (the room's melting!)

No acid again, that's what we've said before
Now there's more, yes there's more, let it goooOOOOOO!
The wallpaper talks (what's it saying?)
Come, let's go to bed (MONSTER BLOOD!),
Gushing out (No it's not), make it goooOOOOOO! 

Hold my hand...
It's my fourth grade teacher! Homework? My dog ate it!
Why is the room tilting? I am gonna scream, AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I'm not sane now (You're not sane now); Where's my pillow? (Er, you ate it)
When will this thing end?!

Hon, I told you, this stuff's crazy
Need to lay off, your head's hazy
Go to sleep now (need my pillow!); Here, just have mine (where's MY pillow!)
Please calm down, dear (TELETUBBIES!); Tinky Winky? (Tinky Winky!)

We have said this before
Would rather live a bore
Not again, no never, promise me!
Oh the Soylent Green, it's peoooopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

(Calm down, my dear; You'll be just fine)
Should've thrown out your stash
But you're here, and it's here, please just crash

Now you're screaming, there go my ears
Might as well have some beers
Sip sip sip, burp burp burp, let it pass (Where's my ass??!!!)

Time to sleep...






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