(1) Ya betcha

Based on: Netherlands 1959 - Een Beetje (live)



I saw you out there, all lonely, you were hurting,
And thought I could try and start a little flirting,
I thought I could dine you, sixty nine and wine you
Then you said “ is it true, what they say about you?” 

Ya betcha!
You are a sexy thing and so I had ya
A little sneaky fling, and then forget ya
So baby I don’t want you clinging, ringing

Ya betcha,
No need to call your mum just ‘cause I bed ya
No need for wedding bells because I let ya
So honey you now better go. 

You know the song
we hummed it when we played at ding-a-dong
Your lover’s gone, a flower ev’ry hour
And he’s gone gone gone 

I betcha!
You were a prey so I was gonna catch ya
You didn’t run away and so I snatched ya
Ya betcha, now I’ve had ya, I won’t wed ya
But instead ya know I dread ya. So go. 

The days have gone by, now I am old and lonely
And you’re still here, claiming you still love me only
So you keep on ringing, hoping I may give in
But I just can not say, for my mind’s gone away... 

Ya betcha!

No power, all turned sour,
It is gone gone gone 

I betcha!
I can’t remember if I ever met ya
I’m very sorry if that may upset ya
I betcha, if I’d had ya, I’d have wed ya
But in fact ya know I pled ya : don’t go. 






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