(19) The End

Based on: Slovakia 2009 - Let' tmou



Little sad me, little bad me
I feel rotten, but I’m plotting
Oh where is he, Casanova?
Gotta show him that it’s over

He’s left me again to be with some cheap tart
He will die, kitchen knife, in his heart-ohhhhhhhh!

She’s a nagger, she’s a moaner
It’s no wonder I don’t phone her
Don’t regret it (he’ll regret it!)
All those lovers (all those lovers!)
Snälla snälla (what the hella?)
I am leaving (he’ll be bleeding!)

Can’t take it no more, should have done this before
It must end, and I know what to do

He’ll come to an end (We are no more, should have done this before)
Oh the joy, when this boy (now this boy) goes away

What went wrong?

Thought I wouldn’t mind while
He lay on the shagpile

We will be at the end
When we meet again


He’ll be sorry (I’m not sorry)
He’ll regret it (She’ll forget it)
When we meet again

Here she comes now, right towards me
Looking pissed off, she abhors me
What’s she holding? (Well I told him)
This feels risky (He won’t kiss me)
Should I go now? (I will show how)
She won’t miss me (He can’t diss me)

So with things looking bleak
Are we stuck up the creek?
In the end, we will fend for ourselves
(Yes fend for yourself)

OK do it! (Watch me now - aaaaaaaaa….)
Stab me dear wife
With our old kitchen knife (…take that….aaaaaaa…)
End it now, silly cow, with a wow

Fuck! She did it
I’m gonna die
One big horny old guy
Least I laid every babe in this town

In this town
It’s the end






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