(21) Bye Bye Baby, Literally

Based on: Finland 1994 - Bye Bye Baby



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A Finnish winter scene
There's two girls on-screen
Looking horny, pert and mean
Pointing at the screen to lure you in
Here's a saucy little spin

Our quilts were knit by our grandma
We've glossy, flowing manes
There may be snow and frost but it's getting kinda hot
As our blankets go up in flames

Gay guy dancing, lit up in pink
Mind the chairs - you don't want to trip
I'm escaping - boy does he stink!
Notice my nice pert nips

The nits are on my neck, and they're on his arms
He's a mirage - now he is gone
As the doors open, I keep seeing him again:
Someone's spiking my beer

Dark-haired bitch is hogging the lifts, so I'm taking the stairs
Navratilova chic
Farted toxic gas as we were walking to the cars

I am hurting: seatbelt's too tight
This guy's dance moves are rather lame
Car's not moving, wind machine's shite
Turn heads left, whoops more flames

Unlucky man gets harassed
I just love waxwork ass
De-wig Sakis Rouvas
The roof's falling down…aagh

Moving waxworks but we strut by
Show the hand we don't want to talk
Racing to a shop to buy wine
We won't stop fag must walk

We are standing back in the snow
Gagging for lovers - can't you tell
We've decided that you're our beau: Yes, you've died, you're in hell






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