4) Pass The Sick Bag

Based on: Germany 1983 - Rücksicht


In your life there comes a time
When everything becomes so clear
And Dutch courage and bravado’s not enough
The big old world awaits for you to see
Get up, get at ’em and get on your way
The world won’t seem so cruel or half as tough

But I’m a pretty rubbish drinker
Meant to calm you, but it makes me puke

Car sick – heading for the port half cut’s no
Picnic – the cabbie drives the taxi at a
Real lick – and in a tick my stomach’s turned
Seasick – I’d better get some fresh air on the
Deck quick – the bloody wind’s so strong I’ll need my trusty
Chapstick – but that just makes me feel more sick

Barely half way to my starting point
Hope I make it on the train
The worst damned case of nerves I’ve ever felt
I’m sure that others know the dream as well
The same old picture every night
Mustn’t ruin it, stuff it up, get overwhelmed

So I board the craft in two minds, doubtin’
Full of angst – don’t wanna look a fool

Air sick – vomit bag awash with lunch an
Inch thick – the bloody seatbelt fastened with a
Firm click – the spiel so slick it makes me gurn
Homesick – just hours in, I’m feelin’ like a
Right dick – this early on, I know I’m gonna cop some
Real shtick – ’cause I’m the pilot

Useless prick  :(