7) Ellada, Land Of All The Greeks

Based on: Greece 1993 - Ellada, hora tou fotos


Ellada, land of all the Greeks
Some of them are normal and some are freaks
Tight vest-wearing gays and techie geeks
Patriotic, quite neurotic

Land where the seas are clear and blue
Hairdressers earn much more than you
Oily diets, frequent riots

Sensitive to critics of Hellenic domination
You can diss our family, but don’t insult our nation
When you hear “Ellada”, let's be honest, you adore us
If you think otherwise, at least you can’t ignore us

Battles on the internet, defending Greece’s honour
Land of Alexander - least till Skopje tries to steal him
Government policy: Huge losses? Just conceal ‘em!

Ellada, land where life arose
Famed for its poetry and prose
Philosophers in flowing robes
Ancient marvels - but no Marbles

Only a Greek could understand
Just why the lord’s almighty hand
Blessed this nation with creation

Undisputed flair for international relations
Political parties named for South-East Asian nations
Gods smile upon us, though the air is kind of funky
All our Olympians are motorbiking junkies

Come try a bottle of traditional retsina
With its vague consistency of bleachy bathroom cleaner
We invented everything, from eels to evolution
Shame we can't find a cure for crippling pollution

Just a quick confession as we start to close this tale out:
Your money’s all disappeared – we need another bailout