8) Verbal Diarrhoea

Based on: Norway 1993 - Alle mine tankar



When we’re on a date together
And we’re intimately sharing one another’s glance
And the room fades away like a memory
All is perfect, until
I break the silence by talking about

When we’re sitting at the movies
And we’re hand in hand watching a thriller on the screen
And the tension is unnerving
As the murderer’s name is revealed
I loudly wonder if I left the gas

Verbal diarrhoea
I’ve got it bad
Unimportant chatter
Makes you mad

But trying to refrain
Only makes it worse
Would that I could begin to engage
My brain first

Verbal diarrhoea
What can I do?
Talking, always talking
Boring you

Though silence would be wise
I can never pause
You ought to shove a live piranha
In my jaws