9) The Bitch

Based on: Ireland 1996 - The Voice


I am that bitch who does sin
So I can thrive on your slight pain

“Store my beef” you requested me
“But I ate your food, ha! can’t you see”
“Now what are you, going to do”
“You’re a bitch and I wish I’d sue”

I am a bitch who would take candy from babies
I am the bitch who raids the office fridge
I am the bitch that always harasses you
I’m called the bitch, the name will stay

I am the bitch who hides in a bush to scare you good
I just love to deny people brollys in rain
It’s such a joy for me to drive randoms insane
Being so cruel is fun try it, you should

I am the bitch annoying for eternity
Replacing hate and anger for great laughs
I am the bitch you created
Can we make peace
Can we have peace and respect, just kidding
I am the bitch who swaps salt and sugar labels
I am the bitch who unplugs your laptop
I am the bitch who’ll always hate second place
I am the bitch

I am the bitch who spoils Santa for the small kids
I am the bitch just releasing some stress
I am the bitch who destroys souls
I am that bitch
I’m such a bitch
Mega big bitch
I am the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!


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