10) Eyjafjallajökull

Based on: Lithuania 2010 - East European Funk


We’ve gotten pretty sore, tickets are a waste, its half past four
There’s no way to get past, 'cause all we see are clouds of ash
This days pretty rough, and it’s not fair, we hate this stuff
I’ll never get home, because this really is all Iceland’s fault

We’re stuck in France ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
I’ll get home last ‘cause of  E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
Gays cannot prance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?

No sir, I will not wait, this bloody this is annoying as hell
Help God, can’t no one can say the name of this freakin’ damn thing
It killed our phones, it squashed our wishes, wishing we are in a dream
In May I'll have to realize, stuck in Europe with all these queens

We can’t advance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
This ain’t by chance ‘cause of  E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
Need some finance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?

We’ve got no chance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
Need other plans ‘cause of  E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul
Gonna miss class ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?

We’re stuck en mass ‘cause of … Need other plans ‘cause of …
Need some finance ‘cause of … I’ll get home last ‘cause of …
We can’t advance ‘cause of … Gonna miss class ‘cause of …
This ain’t by chance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul

I’ll take a stance ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?
I will surpass ‘cause of…
There’s so much gas ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?
Who let it pass? ‘cause off…
Find some romance ‘cause E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?
Laid on some grass ‘cause of…

I’ll get good ass ‘cause of E-yaya-lala-lalo-kul what?


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