2) Having A Shower

Based on: Poland 1995 - Sama


Terras irradient
Can we chat? Yes, nyam-nyam, I must nibble him
But on second thoughts
Turn on the water
Check out the bar mix options
Chrome disc complements
You’re not watched by no-one, no…
Change the temp’rature
Take control of the dials and the slender poles 
Smoother thermostat
And digi waste pumps
Peek at the not-yet-broken special valve
And chew your syntax, Marie N!
You’ll need to come and try these features out
Have a look, how sleek the valve control is!
Today, ooh, for summer: I lavv it, lavv it – so damp, so damp, so warm
Can’t I be? Wanna be wet - want shower-head!
(Can’t I be?)
Can’t I be? Wanna be wet - want shower-head!
(Want some wet)
Can’t I be? Wanna yeah! (can't I be? can't I be?)Wanna be wet (want some wet)

Ooooh, shower-head!!!!  (Can't I be? Wanna yeah)
Ooooh (wanna be wet),
weeeeeeeeet!!!!! :D

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