3) Rafsanjani

Based on: Slovakia 2010 - Horehronie


Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani
Governed Iran so vigorously
Starting Eighty-Nine, after Khamene'i
Lost eight years later to Khatami

Like an invincible steel man
Trampled his opponents
Also, a dignified preacher
Of Islamic postulate

My, how I miss the days of Rafsanjani
All peace and balance that he brought
Since then, with every presidential decree
I feel so empty and distraught

All his successors just seem like
They have no strength in them
If he can only just be chair
Of the People's House again

(Aaaaah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatolleh, aah)
(Oh, yes, Hashemi, you're the one, Ayatolleh, Ayatolleh, Ayatolleh, Ayatolleh, aah...)

I must spend an evening with Rafsanjani
Tell him that he's the only for me
And then reassure him I never believed
Those allegations of fraudulency

Maybe he'll strip off his turban
Show his secret hairdo
And then he can be my preacher
One-on-one, 'til very late...

Ahhh, ahhh, ohh ahhh

I'm sure that this mighty steel man
Has a steel-firm figure
I'd give my life just to feel it
For just once with my own hands

My, how I long to be with Rafsanjani