5) Schumi

Based on: Yugoslavia 1965 - Čežnja


Schumi, Schumi, watch out
Can't you see there's a race going on?
Why the hell are you back? Get away from the track
Even my grandma would beat you with her rollator

Sorry Schumi, Schumi, my friend
You're as slow and as lame as this song
Long time ago you were quick, you were a champion
Champions fall from the heights if they don't climb down

Oh, can't you feel you're in a free fall?
The end will be ugly as you already are

Sorry Schumi, Schumi, get it
You're no longer much more than a clown
Because you're already past your expiration date
You are a throw-away toy, tossed in the trash bin

Please, keep your glory, leave now, sorry
Park your car for good and
Collect dust together
'Til the end of the time and beyond