4) Liberation Day

Based on: Portugal 1972 - A festa da vida



You hate us so much, I can tell
Don’t want us to come first as well
The board shall change its own approach

Why can’t you stand our brilliant nation?
We so deserve a big ovation
We’re victims tired of being poached

Constantly, we are being snubbed
Would you deny we’re always jabbed?
We aren’t esteemed by moderators
You’re such a bunch of agitators

Our Nonstop dressed the best by far
Vânia, no doubt the hottest star
Lucy's* hairstyle was not byzarre!

Sabrina, cuter than those monsters
Can’t you see you are all boycotters
Our songs were meant to be blockbusters

Your sarcasm, Frank, is now illegal
Julie, don't think that you are regal
Harrow, don't repeat we are ugly
Sild, no one thinks you are that funny

It is time for a massive change
This board will now be liberated

New moderators will be arranged
Portuguese will now be respected

po po po po po po po po...
po po po po po po po po...
po po po po po po po po...
po po po po po po po po...