23) Bitchfight or Tic-Tac-Toe?

Based on: Denmark 1992 - Alt det som ingen ser


I'm French, I'm classy, I think I should win
But I'm so perky, I should be the winner
You couldn't do it when you sang Främling
You haven't got a frickin' clue, Amina

I 'ave my scarf for fondling
I'm Mademoiselle Sexie
I wouldn't set much store by that
I'm sure that Toto fancies me!

So! Bitchfight or tic-tac-toe?
How can we decide this?
The hosts have no idea
Yeah, Signor Cutugno
Looks like he's a few notes short of a clef
Perhaps we ought to just roshambo?
Kick you in the balls!
I'm a lady - I don't have it!
It's a fight to the death
At least until we hear from Mister Naef

They used to have a way to handle this
You do look old enough to know about it!
Laurita Valenzuela talked to Cliff
He said "They've all won, don't you doubt it!"

Well, I'm not suffering your song again
I got so much more applause
But if we sing them at the same time
They'll like mine far, far more than yours!

So! Poker or UFC?
Chess or foxy boxing?
Whatever - I'll defeat ya
Make it the best of three
Or maybe the Datzes will split the tie?

What can we do? I'll miss my flight
I'm in a hurry!
Don't you worry!
I've got a trick to put this right
We'll phone Mr. God, let him decide
He's omnipresent and has great taste
If he's your guiding light
Why do you look like you dressed in the dark?
But still, the last who sings is right!

So! Is it decided yet?
Has Mister Naef spoken?
You know, I've no idea!
I've been in Rome a week
And the only word that I know is 'ciao'
Perhaps we ought to head to the bar
Share another beer
I guess it doesn't matter
Let's just go to the car
And have a night of aaah-ooh-aaah-ooh-aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!