16) My Parts Are Yours

Based on: Norway 2010 - My Heart Is Yours


I am like your sister on a dark corner somewhere.
And then I’ll come up to you, ask for money, hop in

So then my parts are yours, to do what you will
Even one or two whips and maybe chains
If you’re that desperate, you can go and kiss me
Don’t attach, just to cheap hookers

I am a grade-school teacher, moonlighting weekends
While my clients are ugly, retired and clingy

Because you are still here, I’ll say I love you
Just so I can distract, and take some stuff
Basic pay’s not enough, always good always tips
Through ‘them’ all, now I can bail


Because your cash is mine, I need to leave you
And so are your diamonds, you are so dead
Go try to explain that, your wife’s gonna kill you
After all, now my hard is yours