20) Niamh's Lament (Purple Poo to RTE!)

Based on: Ireland 2010 - It's For You


Yeah we’ve got the world, and I am the voice, that always is calling
I see the light, I can’t go on, oh why me?
Sail on any ocean, when they can’t stop the spring
Cos hold me now , and blame RTE

When they try, they write a horror
When they choose they choose a big cliché
When they just won’t go for a writer who can win the thing
Shit  comes true!

 Remember me?
My name it is Niamh
And I won this contest
The song In Your Eyes
Had some great class
And some grace
But the time was lonely
Just living in the past
Then they gave me this new pile of shite

So I tried
To bring the past back
And my voice is anything but new
And the corsetry didn’t work well, didn’t hold me in

 Princess Fiona, can’t hold a light to me
And this tune is so tired and trite

When I sang, I sounded whiny
And my hair looked like a can of worms
Then they stood me high on a platform and my dress looked like
Purple Poo!
Purple Poo!